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What do you think off when you hear the brand name Quorn?

Chances are you think of the substitute meat products they manufacture and sell.

You may also think of Mo Farrah who currently appears in a number of adverts for Quorn. You may also associate them with a major product recall in late February/early March.

It’s this latter point that is going to be a thorn in the side of Quorn for quite a while to come as the bigger the brand, the more public and embarrassing the product recall becomes.

You may be thinking that Quorn are a big company and will be able to weather this storm and indeed they may well do. Product recalls aren’t anything new and many of the most famous brands in the UK have suffered recalls. You may also think that large scale production plants are more susceptible to creating an environment where hazardous materials can come in contact with ingredients. This isn’t true – most large manufacturers carry an A grade for strict food production.

What is prevalent however is the perpetual threat of product recall. This is a threat every single business involved in food and drink manufacturing faces– bar none. When a product recall happens for an established brand like Quorn, yes it’s embarrassing but they will likely recover, you have to ask yourself, would you be able to?

Product recall insurance is a must and will typically cover the costs of notification, withdrawal from store shelves and disposal. We work with leading Insurers to provide this product based on your business so we know that you have the right type of protection. As a value added service, we can also include a unique service – expert help on protecting your reputation should a recall happen. We all know that your reputation is your biggest asset in the Food & Drink industry.

Not many Insurance Brokers understand the food and drink industry as well as we do. You pride yourself on the quality of your products; we pride ourselves on the quality of our service.